What are your favcorite ways to gamble

Here's what our community has to say

At Koala Royal, India’s leading online casino gambling platform for Indian players, we spent the last few months speaking with our community and players, asking them what is your favorite way to gamble ways online. 

A large number of our players carried out their gambling activities on numerous platforms before starting to play the incredible range of gambling games, table games and live casino games on Koala Royal.

Here’s what they have to say:

Omkar Shokat, New Delhi- I usually don’t play with large amounts of money so the platform has been very comfortable for me, offering high winnings and bonuses even for small deposit amounts. I really enjoy live poker games on the platform. Sometimes my friends join me and we play together for hours.

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James Huntley, Australia- The platform is quite exciting, especially since we get to play with other people from around the world. Registration is quick and withdrawal requests are answered extremely quickly. I really enjoy the sports bets and las vegas slots on the casino. The chances of winning are high and they are really fun games to play.

Ricardo Benezes, Goa- I really enjoy the Indian Teen Patti game. It’s not very well known in my home country but here, everyone plays it. Because we are locked at home, due to the COVID19 situation, I enjoy playing with my local friends. I even taught some of my friends at home in the United States how to play. The odds of winning are good and the game is a lot of fun.

Sameer Agrawal- Noida- The platform often gives out promotions so you know you can afford to lose. I really like playing the roulette wheel games on Koala Royal. The house edge isn’t high so players can really enjoy winning prizes or winning even money. 

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